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KRM Engineering has been providing a variety of fabrication services, in collaboration with our JV partner - 5Ps Fabrication. It is one of Qatar’s state-of-the-art joinery facility that houses a skilled team of carpenters/ artisans/craftsmen and latest Italian machinery, providing one-stop woodwork and carpentry services.The partnership with 5Ps allows us to offer our clients with turnkey solution that includes the complete customization and fabrication of a diverse lineup of finished products. Through our access to a fully equipped workshop that specializes in woodwork and onsite installation, we can offer end-to-end solution to our clients from design to fabrication and final delivery.

Full range of services offered are:

    •   Fabrication of bespoke woodwork items ranging from doors, windows, cupboards, wood partitions to decorative          wood elements, kitchen cabinets and more.

    •   Design, fabrication and installation of customized exhibition stands for corporate clients

    •   Machining services that include Veneer cutting, stitching and designing, edge banding, surface planing, wood          based and CNC cutting

    •   Veneer/Hot/MDF pressing

    •   Sharpening services (band saw, circular saw, CNC router)

    •   Other joinery services including fixing and repair of existing items, painting etc

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