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It is hard to argue with trust. Once you’ve presented the client with something honest and sincere, it is very easy to win their trust.

This is the underlying philosophy of our company - KRM Engineering. Over the years, our venture has gone through a lot of additions and subtractions, to reach what it is today. Anything we added must make everything else more valuable, this has and will remain our goal always.

From the mechanical and engineering aspect to the people, the ideas and inspiration, right down to the furnishing and the finishes, we have worked collaboratively with partners to create a composition that is unique and a solution that is hard to match.

As we navigated through our past and present, we learned a great deal. During the journey, we discovered that each client is unique, has a peculiar set of problems requiring custom made solutions.


Poised to become a company that can be relied upon without hesitation, we believe that KRM Engineering can be anything and everything, from anywhere and everywhere as long as it does not lose its focus and emphasizes individual attention. AII through our excellence in the quality of projects we execute in addition to the reliability in our services has enabled us to win a long lasting trust of our clients.

The underlying philosophy at KRM Engineering is to win the trust of our customers on the long run through consistent and reliable professional business conduct. We aspire to achieve added value into every project we execute in terms of excellent quality, on time delivery and continuous customer support beyond the project delivery date. To this end we rely on our team of senior engineers from the best Arab and international universities in addition to designers, and skilled craftsmen and technicians.


From mechanical and electrical engineering consulting and contracting, right down to furnishings and plumbing, we collaborate with a trusted network of associated companies to create a unique and tailor made solution for the individual needs of each customer.

Karam Mokdad

Managing Director

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