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KRM Engineering is dedicated to becoming a pioneer in its field through the continuous improvement of its professional services to become trusted & a recognized name in Qatar and the region, providing innovative and well- engineered solutions in all of our fields of activities.



Core Values

Whenever new opportunities arise, KRM Engineering works relentlessly to give clients the most compelling experience possible. We are not looking for one-off jobs, we are seeking to build long-term relationships with our clients. There has been one constant in our journey however; sticking to our core values in everything we do.

Trust - We strive to gain the full trust of our clients by dedication and passion for what we do and delivering what we promise. We are committed to long-term business relations, founded on strong business ethics.


Integrity - We do our job with utmost dedication and passion, and deliver what we promise.

Reliability - Commitment to delivering maximum customer satisfaction through consistently superior quality, guaranteed products, on-time delivery, industry leading technology and application, and continuous engineering support.

Innovate Business Approach - KRM Engineering enjoys having a cross-functional team and highly creative business approach. This gives us the ability to quickly understand the varying customer demands and needs drawn from our experience supporting customers in various fields such as electric, mechanical, plumbing and furnishing.

Long-term Commitment - Continuous customer support after finalization of the project.

To positively impact the clients we serve through dependable, timely, quality, professional and consistent delivery of tailor-made solutions that constantly exceed their expectations.

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