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Founded in 2011, KRM Engineering was formed by a group of talented and enthusiastic Lebanese engineers and designers who decided to pool their talents and resources together under one roof, to produce leading services in the fields of engineering and contracting.Their vision rests upon combining the latest state of the art in technology and engineering solutions with extraordinary quality design in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As a specialist MEP company headquartered in Qatar, KRM Engineering has been undertaking the design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical, electrical and plumbing works for commercial, and residential projects. Within a short span of time, it witnessed remarkable growth and has made a niche for itself in the industry by maintaining exceptional quality standards and catering to the special needs of clients.

With an eye on the evolving local market in Qatar and the increasing and changing needs of the client were changing, the company expanded into areas such as interior design & fit out, furnishing, fabrication and more recently, facility management. With a vast array of in-house services, along with our network of affiliates, KRM Engineering is able to offer versatility and convenience under one roof.

At KRM Engineering each client’s vision is prioritized and every small detail matters.Working closely with designers, engineers, property developers and other professionals, our team delivers projects on time, within budget and without compromising on quality.What matters most to us, is winning the trust of our clients on the long run, therefore we are also committed to long term customer support beyond the delivery date of our project.


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